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Far too many small businesses depend on Information Technology and either can not afford IT techs or administer their own technology and leave gaping holes in security. In today’s world of ever increasing cyber-security threats, the least protected are typically the small “mom and pop” businesses. These businesses are unable to withstand a serious breach of security and the financial and legal ramifications that may result.

Enter 873gear.

I offer general IT service and specialized cyber-security analysis priced for the small business, specifically within the greater Dallas Fort Worth area. Whether it’s fixing the stubborn printer, troubleshooting a machine or router, or providing physical and network security, cyber-security threat assessment, and defense-in-depth access denial, I am able to help… for a price you can afford.

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General IT Service

  • Software & Hardware troubleshooting
  • Installation of infrastructure including hardwired network connections
  • Review pre-existing IT infrastructure
  • Web presence
  • Server administration and maintenance
  • Windows and Linux expert assistance
  • In-person assistance in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area

Site Security Audit

  • DFW and surrounding areas
  • Physical security assessment
  • Network security vulnerability assessment
  • Network Intrusion Detection Service
  • Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering employee evaluation
  • Employee credential management
  • Comprehensive system security “top-down” snapshot

On-call Support

  • 24-hour availability
  • In-person response as necessary (Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas)
  • Guaranteed 30 minutes or less response time

Other worldwide services…

  • Secure, end-to-end encrypted, data storage & archiving
  • Web hosting
  • VoIP telephone networking (automated switchboard)
  • Encrypted communication
  • Data recovery
  • WiFi network design
  • LAN network design
  • Technical installations


It is my commitment to bring IT service to the small business at an affordable price point that doesn’t fluctuate. For security audits and general IT consulting, I’m happy to provide you with an estimate up-front, a written quote before work, and a very detailed invoice when the job is completed. 873gear works for you as an independent contractor.

Data storage, web hosting, website management, on-call tech support, and all other persistent services are billed monthly or yearly at a “locked-in” rate.

The amount you pay today for those monthly services will be the same amount you pay in 10 years. That’s my promise to you.


Please feel free to call anytime. If there is no answer, please leave a message or send me an email at the address below. I will normally respond to all calls or emails within one hour.

Phone: 972-755-4080
Email: contact@873gear.com