Site Security Audit

Know your weaknesses.

Bring 873gear in to perform a comprehensive site security audit to find your business’s weaknesses and take steps to improve security. This not only applies to technology devices, but the physical security of your facilities as well. Take steps to make gaining unauthorized access to your facilities and data much more difficult.

Based on the U.S. Government’s requirements for highest security protection, 873gear can provide guidance on how to make your facility a physically hard target. A physical assessment of your business’s facilities will provide insights on improving the security of the facility.

During a Site Security Audit, various methods of gaining intelligence about or access to your business’s network and computer systems will be simulated. This process is called penetration testing. Several attack vectors will be evaluated including controlled phishing emails, employee social engineering, network hijacking, and physical access to secure rooms or systems.

At the conclusion of the Site Security Audit, a comprehensive report will be provided to you detailing observed vulnerabilities, proposed corrective actions, and a general state of health for your system’s security. The report will be written in language that is easily read and understood, avoiding technical jargon as much as possible. And since time is always one of the most pressing matters in correcting vulnerabilities, this report will be provided to you no more than 7 days after the audit is concluded.

One month of Network Intrusion Detection Service is included as part of the audit for up to 5 computers, a value of $80!

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